Find the perfect light in a flash. Klite provides a comprehensive range of smart products, including smart lightings, sensors, switches, remote controls and more


The perfect light shouldn’t need a manual

Find the right light

You’ll find the perfect light in a flash. Whether you want your place floodlit for finding, soft for snuggling or vivid for party vibes.

Plug and see

All our lights have Wi-Fi/BLE built in, so setting up is super easy. Install the app on your phone and bring on the light!

Lights that hang on your every word

Voice control makes using smart lights a cinch. Through your phone or smart speaker our lights will listen to every command.


Support various smart functions

Alexa control

Google Assistant


android os


remote control

The future home is a smart home

the best smart lighting OEM/ODM in the world, has successfully shipped over 50 million products to over 200 countries and regions globally. TUYA/Wiz IoT platforms, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, Razer Chroma, IFTTT, etc. We endeavor to bring you the best lighting experience you may imagine!

Magically turn into a morning person

Set up your lights to gradually come on in the morning, waking you up smoothly and easing you into the day.

Let your lights do the talking

Tired of competing with your son’s noise cancelling headphones when calling for dinner time? Let them know with the right light, and they’ll come running.

Create the perfect movie night

After a long day’s work, lights can automatically change to a warm glow for some serious couch cocooning. So go ahead, take it easy.

The Smart bulb is the perfect entry to the smart lighting world. Just pick the right spot, use our app or voice control, and let your jaw drop as it transforms the room.


Smart led bulb

Wi-Fi direct connection, BLE assisted connection, no converter, easy installation Multiple control methods

Smart filament bulb

DIY smart module can change by customer need, with the softer light and the beam angle is 360 degree

Smart Panel Light

New narrow frame design, better look & feel, Larger light output area

Smart Downlight and Lamps

Edge-lit downlight RGB, soft and uniform beam, High-end exterior design

Smart Home

including smart lightings, sensors, cameras, and more

Smart controller

Matching accessories, switches, controller panels. Easier control and automated setup


Frequently Asked Questions

Smart lighting makes every home homely, whether you live in a cosy studio or a countryside castle. Try one of our smart light products and see if a light that helps you wake up smiling, focus for work and wind down into the evening is really something for you.

Sure! All our products are designed to be user friendly and fun. This way we make sure smart lighting is as easy as screwing in a light bulb. Because simplicity is build into our products you won't spend hours inside a manual or stuck watching tutorials. All you need is a light, the app and Wi-Fi in your home, it's child's play.

The easiest way to start with smart lighting is to swap one of your old bulbs for a WiZ/TUYA one, or consider one of our luminaire products like squire. That way you can see how easy it really is. After getting the hang of it, you can always add that bedside lamp of strip in the kitchen. Oh, and these lights are compatible with all regular fittings, so don't worry: it'll work like a charm.

Yes! As long as it's from one of our partners.